She passed away this Saturday morning after 10.

I’m going to miss her terribly. Her laugh, her smile, her chinese opera, her strong spirit.

Rest in peace with grandpa nana, I love you always in my heart. Mona Vale will always be for you.


My nana had a stroke last Friday night. She’s still unconscious in the hospital. 😦


I got a call from NIDA yesterday and a lovely lady named Lucy congratulated me on being offered a place in their part-time intake for next year! I am thrilled.

: )

I’m gonna let it burn. ; (

Yes I am in a foul mood. Living and working with a fucking hello kitty 24 7 is NOT what I signed up for. For fuck sakes, lose the fucking gay “oh i’m such a sweetie” voice, grow the fuck up with your fucking stuffed toys, it would only be cute if you had the right mentality but NO you are mentality FUCKED so all your fucked up toys make you look like a retarded fuck. Go hang around with people OTHER than my parents. It is fucking ridiculous. Your 28 and you don’t have a single friend or boyfriend. I can understand why you have absolutely noone want to contact you because all you care about is MONEY and you are so fucking petty all the time. You used someone to get your visa to stay here, it is FUCKED. Your so fucking selfish and you try and cover it up by buying shit for people because that’s what you think will matter the most to other people as well – MONEY. Maybe if you treated other people like real people and stop sucking up to them because everyone sees right through you, you fucking dumbass. I can’t believe how much you suck up to my dad it is so freaking disgusting. You are such a low life fuck. It is disgusting the way you manipulate people with your fucking bullshit. Your whole personality is fucking retarded and stinking like a pile of shit. NOONE LIKES YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU. GROW THE FUCK UP, EVEN STEREOTYPICAL ASIANS ACT BETTER THAN YOU. FOR FUCK SAKES, GO BACK TO CHINA AND STAY THERE, YOU ARE SO FULL OF SHIT YOU BELONG WITH YOUR OWN PARENTS IN YOUR OWN LITTLE HELLO KITTY WORLD, AND TRY AND DRESS BY YOURSELF YOU FUCKING NOB. GET YOUR OWN SENSE OF STYLE FFS. YOU ARE THE BIGGEST FUCKING LOSER I HAVE EVER MET.

Sure you can!

I am a small thing scurrying along in the rat race to reach my small piece of delight. Every one of us is the same. We are lined up, used, and then shoved off. In constant presentation, to be judged, to be rejected, or rejoiced. They are Jesus, and we’re the long line of sick people waiting to be healed by his holiness, if we’re lucky enough.


I am going to keep going. I am going to move forward. I will make mistakes, but I will learn. I will respect myself today. I will keep the faith.

Who is Natasha?
I need to find out.
Quickly too.
Come to me Natasha of Three Sisters.
Show me the way to your being.

RIP Daul Kim

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